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The Ministry of Planning and Investment, as tasked by the LPRP and the Lao Government of Lao PDR to administrate Planning and Investment, National Statistics, the implementation of the National Socio-Economic Development and Special Economic Zones throughout the country has continued to fulfill its mandate, specifically acting as focal point for improving the Business Environment to attract Foreign investment, overseeing the Public Investment to ensure effectiveness, mobilize and manage Official Development Assistance funds on bilateral and multilateral levels, conducting research and recommending economic and development policies including measures to minimize the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and establishing a National Statistics database to serve the society.
The creation of the ministry’s website is another key milestone in the promulgation of the work carried out by MPI as well as platform to provide information for the general society, students, investors, development partners and others. We hope this website will prove helpful to the users.

Organization Chart
MPI comprises a Permanent Secretary Office and 12 Departments and Offices as follow:
  1. Permanent Secretary Office
  2. Department of Organization and Personnel
  3. Inspection Department
  4. Legal Affair Department
  5. Department of Planning
  6. Department of Evaluation
  7. Investment Promotion Department
  8. Department of International Cooperation
  9. Special Economic Zones Promotion and Management Office
  10. Lao-Vietnam Cooperation Committee Office
  11. Lao-China Cooperation Committee Office
  12. Center for Development Policy Research
In addition to the abovementioned institutions, the Lao Statistics Bureau, which comprises 1 cabinet office and 3 departments as well as number of other bodies, is a secretariat-level agency to the ministry operating under specific Decrees. MPI also comprises Departments of Planning and Investment, Provincial Statistics Offices as well as offices for Special economic zones (only in provinces with special economic zones) at province and district levels. <<Read more>>

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